June 12, 2011

Beth & Daniel, Westover Hall

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I get to see beautiful weddings all the time. Great venues, lovely people, happy days. Brides and Grooms often treat me like I guest and welcome me into their special day and family. Beth & Dan’s wedding was all of the above plus a whole lot more as I actually was a guest.

It was a day of not taking photographs (much) and being able to watch two great friends secure their love for each other and begin their lives as Mr & Mrs Miles. I’ve known Dan for about 20 years and know that he and Beth are perfect for each other. She looked wonderful and their happiness was infectious.

In short, a fantastic day. Emotionally charged - tears were flowing particularly hard for me - and packed to the brim with love, fun and friends. It was a boozy day as well (thanks to the free flowing drinks) and a precious opportunity for time with friends. Lifelong friends.

Photographically the day was in safe hands. Mister Phill took care of that and he’s assured. One of the best. I didn’t even think about taking a camera - I don’t do that as a guest - so this is more about words and to say thank you to Beth & Dan. Mr & Mrs Miles: congratulations. You rock. Love ya.